Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Using Dropbox for WebSite

I'm a bit bored having to upload a page to my web site every time I make a change. I'm using the web site as a collection of links I want to be available everywhere instead of using bookmarks in a browser. Now, every time I add a link I have to go to Googlepages and upload the page.
Dropbox has an interesting concept of having Public folder, which is shared and available to the public. Since I keep my web site pages in my Dropbox space I simply moved the site(s) to the Public folder and now they are available online as soon as I make a change. The changed files get uploaded in the background. Makes it so much simpler. I'm going to update the links on googlepages so that I keep the domain name and the pages will redirect to pages in my Dropbox.

A link to the index page is here.

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