Friday, June 13, 2008

Expression Web Templates

This is great thing! I've been playing with Google Pages in order to extract pieces of information from my main web site and move it to a separate web site. In order to reduce time needed to migrate the pages, I decided not to copy and paste the common code in pages but only to copy the important bits - the content. An issue that popped up and had to be handled manually was the CSS style sheets.
To avoid having poorly styled pages, I used readily available design templates on the pages web site. Unfortunately, I was not too happy with these so I decided to look if something has been improved in the template area in the previous years.
And - yes! Similar to the concept of Master Pages in ASP.Net, Expression Web supports a concept of Dynamic Web Template pages. These have exactly the same role as the design templates in Google Pages. You define the common areas on the template and editable areas that each page will utilize and that's it.
Now, I should start updating my old web sites because the code there is copied and spread around on the pages. It was a pain when I had to update some common elements and it often resulted in only some pages being updated. I had no patience to go through every page and change some details. Lately I wanted to add Google Analytics along with PageCounter to see the stats available there. This was a pain so I added it only to a few pages. Adding AdSense also resulted in only a few pages being updated. Etc.
Dynamic Web Templates (DWT) will enable me to still keep the contents of the pages offline. I prefer that because I use those pages as text documents containing valuable information and I like them to be searchable on my laptop, not only online. The templates will enable me to do that.
This makes me happier than if I went to the pub with Greg. :) I must be such a nerd, I know.

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