Monday, June 30, 2008

Facebook Development with Python Saga

The story continues...
There are too many details now so I'm starting to write things down. :) The following are the details on how to set up the development environment and use Facebook APIs in web applications developed with Python. These are Windows specific because that's what I'm using currently.

Install Python. Pretty simple, setup package. No surprises there.

Install TortoiseSVN or some other SVN client. It is quite handy for accessing various code repositories mentioned here. I'll assume you have it since it makes life so much easier.

There is a PythonPyFacebookTutorial available, which you can take a look at.

I tried installing Django web templates by downloading the latest official release but it did not work. Tired of tweaking around, I downloaded the latest source with SVN and everything went smoothly.
Test by creating a test project and running a test web server.

Same issue with SVN here. Download the code from the source repository. Run " install" to install packages.
Run " startapp fbapp" to create the test Facebook application.

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