Sunday, June 29, 2008

Facebook Development with Python

I'm looking how to develop Facebook apps with Python so that App Engine can be utilized. Need to see what those horse powers under the hood can do. :P
Resources to start with...
Facebook developers wiki page explaining PyFacebook
PyFacebook project
and source code access via http instead of SVN. You might still need an SVN client if you want to update to the latest version. Here is a tutorial on how to use PyFacebook.
To use this lib, you should also use Django web templates (a good idea for Python development generally). Installation instructions for Windows here.

Another, minimalistic, library is gminifb. Examples with minifb, the project prior to gminifb are online. Here is a Hello World project (Hello using minifb on Facebook. Includes source code and a tutorial.


Lili said...

gminifb worked out for me pretty well. how did pyfacebook work out for you?

Unknown said...

Dear Lili,
I managed only to complete the installation of the framework. Then I downloaded and installed django. Still haven't created anything really useful. Being away for a month certainly didn't help in that regard. :)
Best wishes