Friday, June 13, 2008

Google Adsense, Web Activity, etc.

Making Money Online Series

Mm, tapping (finally) into the world of online marketing. Got an email from Google Adsense this morning so I went to their site again, after a few years. I was amazed to find $0.45 on the account there. From what I remember, I had set up AdSense only once, long time ago. Then I place ads on my blog and web page to see how it works. It may have been online for a day or two. Then I got pissed off and annoyed by the ads because I hate looking at them on other people's pages and I removed them.
Now I don't know when was the money generated but apparently there were only 2 or 3 clicks. On average it was $0.20 per click. It is not much, of course, but taken into a different context it could be just enough. I used to see people saying how they use their AdSense revenue to pay for their web hosting. With hosting prices being affordable nowadays, even this small revenue from advertising could be just enough to support site hosting.
Well, anyway, I'm going to try it and see what happens in the next few days/weeks. An amazing thing happened the other day. I was working with WebHTTPBinding for Windows Communication Foundation service and was looking for some answers online as I couldn't figure out if some things were possible and whether they worked the way I expected. As I found something useful, I'd post it here on the blog to keep a reference as I usually do. After short time, searching the same topic on Google, I would get my blog page within the first 10 results on Google. Wow, it was funny as the first thing that came to my mind was to call myself and ask these questions I had. :D
I see a lot of people visiting my pages coming from everywhere. Wondering if there are CPM ads that might proove to be an incentive to be a bit more proactive on the web, refreshing the content of the site and post to the blogs more often. The site has not been updated for a long time as the blog technologies seem much easier to use, post, search, etc.
Finally I also added the new custom search for the site and the site is back to googlepages. I used to host it in my Dropbox folder but I changed my minds after Dropbox was offline for a few times. So, instead of being lazy, I will now trade page uploads for a more reliable hosting service.
The ads I added to pages are unobtrusive for me. They are at the bottom of the pages so probably noone will ever click them. :) But that's what I want to see.

The point of the post was to add to the introduction and me being amazed that there is a lot of marketing hype around AdSense. People find high-paying words, there are ads of generating dozens of thousands of dollars in online advertising, etc. I'd just repeat the old saying - "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

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