Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mesh - Kudos

Well, today I was criticizing and now I have some kudos for them. The conflict resolving system works and does not mess things up like FolderShare. You, as a user are in control of what's going on. It serves 10 conflicts at a time. I got a notification that "there are 10 conflicts", which I then resolved only to find the notification still hanging there. Clicking it again brings another 10 conflicts. OK, so its not a bug, at least. :P
Actually, this conflict handling procedure would not be necessary for me had the Mesh not mess up last night and refuse synchronizing my folders.
Sharing each individual web site works as opposed to sharing a folder which contains all the web sites. At least that's taken care of. Now I have some extra folders in the list but there's hope all these perks will be ironed out over time. After all the service is still in tech preview. Which is funny. Does having buggy and incomplete software as a tech preview show what the final product will be? More buggy and incomplete, I mean. :D

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