Monday, July 28, 2008

Anonymous Surfing

Tor: anonymity online

Installing latest FoxyProxy plugin for Firefox there was a question whether to configure the proxy for use with Tor network. I had completely forgotten about this network. And, only recently, I was looking for lists of anonymous proxies available on the internet. I keep the links on this page - here.
There are proxies which you access through a browser, then type in the address on their page and surf through a frame. Very practical, does not require any configuration on client side. See here.
Another type of proxies are the standard ones. You can configure your browser to use one of them and/or use a plugin, like FoxyProxy for Firefox, to cycle through them. See the lists here.
The third option is Tor network. It is a sort of P2P proxy network, if that makes sense. It is a P2P network where your traffic flows through other people's computers and contacts the desired URL from the nearest (I guess) network node. See the concept here.

Let me know if you are aware of other similar projects and options.


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