Monday, September 15, 2008


Here is a link to a brief overview of COM+. I have worked with Microsoft technologies, hence COM and COM+, but I never formally knew what the definition of COM+ was. There was Microsoft Transaction Server, DCOM, COM, ActiveX, .Net (as COM 2.0), the products exchanged names, were created, closed, resurrected, and so on. It's been confusing, to say the least.
Apart from the article on Wikipedia, I've found a nice and brief description of COM+ so I decided to post a link here. Also, here is Microsoft's COM page.

Probably the best short description would be the following:

"COM+ brought together the technology of COM components and the
application host of Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS). COM+
automatically handles difficult programming tasks such as resource
pooling, disconnected applications, event publication and subscription
and distributed transactions." (from Microsoft COM Page)

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