Saturday, September 27, 2008

IE Cache to the Rescue

IE cache is dearer than Firefox's. I had some CSS classes linking to a couple of images on the web. These disappeared yesterday and the pages containing those CSS classes started to look ugly. I did not bother previously to save those images locally or on the web site and now I could not find them online.
One way to find them was to search local browser cache. These are the pages I have browsed almost every day and these images just had to be there somewhere on my local hard drive. I knew that Firefox cache gets artificial names and it is very hard to find something. Maybe there is an easier way that I am not aware of? Anyway, knowing the names of two image files I simply could not find them in the cache.
Later, I remembered that I also used Internet Explorer to browse these pages and I decided to look into IE cache, as well. Well, this was much better. Simple search through the cache folders found the two image files I needed. Had I remembered to search the IE cache this morning I would have saved hours of searching the internet for the same two files and browsing through Firefox browser cache.
I have to admit I prefer IE browser cache to Firefox for pure usability outside it's main purpose.

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