Tuesday, October 28, 2008

110MB Sites down

This morning I was checking the charts online and my sites at 110mb simply disappeared. Later I checked and nothing changed. Could not even log in to the control panel for the sites.
This was something new after years of getting used to 100% uptime with Google hosting. I did expect some downtime but, still, this was a bit of a shock. Makes me wonder if it is worth it to switch hosting providers.


Anonymous said...

is yours back up yet? mine went down this morning, but was working last few days beforehand

Unknown said...

Yup. It was up after several hours after I first figured it was down. I don't know how long the downtime actually was but definitely less than day and more than a couple of hours.

On another occasion, box15 was down so my sites on 110mb were available for browsing but I could not access the control panel to upload some files.

I have now moved my sites to appspot as it appears that they increased the number of applications per user and the daily throughput. And the uptime is 100%, I believe. I've been spoiled by googlepages. :)

Jeetendra said...

Mine is still down! Cant even access the homepage!