Wednesday, October 29, 2008 Hosting - Finance Site

I've created another application at Actually, it is not a typical application but a web site. The only thing that needs to be set up are app.yaml and the main .py file for the site.
In the app.yaml I use the following handlers:

- url: /(.*\.(html|htm|css|jgp|gif|png))
  static_files: static/\1
  upload: static/(.*\.(html|htm|css|jgp|gif|png))
- url: /.*

This allows all the static files to be stored in the /static sub folder but appear as if they are in the root to the visitor. For example, the following link - - appears to be in the root of the site but it is actually placed in the /static folder. So the static folder contains everything an ordinary root for the site would.
The physical root folder contains file which simply handles the URL and redirects it to the index.html in the static folder. Simple and effective.

The problem now is that Mesh has a bug which prevents the web sites stored in subfolders of a Mesh folder to be replicated. :S

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