Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Change Default Sound Card

A friend asked how to enable the new sound card in bios?! That sounded weird at first. Today, modern BIOSes have enough IRQs to accommodate all devices and, besides, most of the devices are integrated and there's no need to even go into BIOS.
It turns out that Windows did recognize the card. So, clearly no need to go into BIOS. It should be enough to change the default sound card that Windows uses. This is done in Windows XP by going to Control Panel -> Sound and Audio Options and selecting the sound card one wishes to be the default.
Besides this, at the link below there are a couple of programs that make this whole process easier. I haven't tried them but they appear pretty straightforward.

Easily Change or Switch the Default Audio Sound Output in Windows Vista and XP: Humsurfer - PaisaSurfer

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