Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mesh Bug/Feature - Web Folders

Alright, I'm on the track to figure out what is going on when a folder is converted to web site using Microsoft Expression Web and the option "Manage the web site using hidden metadata files" in site settings is turned on.
Apart from creating _wti subfolders and desktop.ini within the web site, the folder / web site also gets attribute S (system) and attribute A (archive) is removed.
I used to think that _wti or desktop.ini have some role in the same folder disappearing from mesh shared folder. Now I'm more likely to think it is the attribute of the folder that is the key. I have manually removed the S attribute and restored A attribute (not that the last one should matter). The folder remains visible in Mesh. The desktop.ini and _wti subfolders are not replicated, which is good because I don't need them replicated anyway. The _wti folders are hidden and I believe this is the reason they do not appear on Mesh.
The files get synchronized alright.

So, removing S attribute from a folder, after setting it as a web folder in Expression Web, makes it visible in Mesh again!
Now I finally can share all the web folders under one mesh folder.

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