Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Moving Site to Blog 2

Playing with moving site content to a blog format. Some useful finding and insights come up during the process. These were hard to imagine until one actually faces their results.

I also just tried Google Sites. It is an interesting project. The solution could work for many small web sites. It provides a framework for many standardized web items. Similar to blog functionality. I assume the online content will soon become something in between blogs, wikis, file storage, collaboration, etc. Just like the Sites is doing. What I'm missing there is some more customization.
So, the following are the issues I met so far, after only 15 minutes of trying to migrate content from a web page to a blog format.

No Offline Storage

One of the reasons I created certain web sites was to keep the content on my computer and have it searchable. That way the posted content was available offline as well as online. Most of the initial stuff posted on the web was there for my own need. First, I created some text content for what I needed at the time or to keep for reference. Then I posted that online so that it is available for others or for me when away from my computer.
With blog format all the content becomes online-only. I'm yet to find a way to store those posts offline. ScribeFire or some other tool may help in that regard. ScribeFire does not appear to offer similar functionality so I may look for other blog posting software that would automatically keep a copy of all the posts offline, as well.


This is a bit painful if the site is to have any kind of hierarchy or structure. Also, the look and feel of navigation buttons, or other forms of links, is very limited. Lack of CSS linking can't be made up by inline CSS. I'd love to have standardized links just like there is on my Finance Site (

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