Friday, December 12, 2008


Bought a WD pocket drive with 320GB for $129. This particular drive I've been looking for, was not available in the stores as it was sold out. Fortunately, I found it online. The same day delivery was free.

I've tried to copy some large files - hard drive files for virtual machines - but it failed with the message that hard drive was full! Only later, after I tried to split the large file first and assemble it on the target drive and failed again, I figured out the issue might be the file system. Funny, the drive was formatted originally. I just plugged it in and used it after it arrived. But the conclusion was right. It was formatted with FAT32 and could not accept large files. A quick convert to NTFS and everything is alright again.

Now I'm into creating some virtual machines. Rather than using the laptop for everything, I prefer to have a clean development workstation with only the developer software on it. Another one would be a toy machine that can install and run anything for testing. Other might be servers, etc. Will create additional ones as the need arises.

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