Sunday, December 14, 2008

Setting Up a Sharepoint Development Environment

How to Build a SharePoint Development Machine - Eli Robillard's World of Blog.

I started setting up my SharePoint development environment. Besides Windows Server and Sharepoint, other tools are required. DotNet Framework, at least 3.0, for Workflow Foundation and possibly other tools. The link above contains the list of some useful stuff like designers, SDKs, and other tools that help with SharePoint development.
I'm currently thinking how to organize the whole virtual environment and whether to create a separate development machine or to mix the development tools with the server(s). Multiple virtual machines running on the laptop quickly hog the whole RAM so having more than one virtual machine running becomes a tricky business.
I'm starting to dream of a proper desktop computer, with large LCD monitor, and a NAS rack with 1TB or more space. But, heck, what I have at hand will have to do for now.

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