Monday, January 19, 2009

Creating a virtual machine from a real one - Virtual disk resources

Here are some tools that might help in creating a virtual machine from a real one. Some of them create only a virtual hard disk drive image, which can be enough since creating a new virtual machine is rather simple with VirtualBox or other virtualization programs.

QEmu package can be used to create new .vmdk virtual drive images and then the following programs can be used to copy files from an existing system, or mount an existing virtual drive and copy, or any other combination possible.

Free software:

Additional free software listed here.

Free alternatives (trial, home, shareware, etc.):
Commercial software:
  • VMWare, both Workstation and Server, offers the feature of creating a VM from a physical one but I had no luck using this feature;
  • Acronis True Image
  • AyRecovery (home), previously EAZClone
  • DriveBackup, from Paragon
  • Norton Ghost
  • Image for Windows from Terabyte. There is also BING (BootIt Next Generation)
  • ShadowProtect If you run across some other packages, let me know.

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