Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mesh Synchronization Issues - Won't Download

Update 2009-01-20:

A tip from Microsoft states that attached drives (USB, network, etc.) are treated differently than the physical ones. As I was using a TrueCrypt virtual drive this was causing the problem. Files and folders synchronize if attached to a physical drive!

Original post:

I'm having strange issues with Live Mesh today. There are a couple of folders where I noticed different problems.

- One folder, containing keepass database does not synchronize at all. No matter what I do (stop synchronizing and start again, uninstall Mesh and install again) it does not download files from the Live Desktop onto the computer I'm currently using. The synchronization used to work but is now acting strange.
The only thing I notice is that the folder is marked with attribute R, for Read-Only. That is funny because this is how the folder is marked when Live Mesh creates it. Even if I stop synchronizing and delete this folder, then create it automatically by subscribing to that folder through Mesh, it still gets the R attribute. Manually removing the R attribute does not change a thing and files are still not synchronized.
I have to say that Mesh DOES download the files but it does not create them in the folder. I checked the permissions and could not find anything wrong. The Moe runs under my account credentials and it is a member of administrators.

I also uploaded file through browser directly to Live Desktop. The file gets downloaded, technically, which can be seen as the progress bar for download activates after a few seconds. But, the file is not created in the local folder.

Must be something with permissions or UAC, unless it is a service and client change at Microsoft again.

Checked through the log. The error reported is the following:

ErrorDescription=System.IO.IOException: Failed to move the file with TxF C:\Users\siljaka\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Live Mesh\GacBase\Assembler\97bc5936-399e-4998-92fc-3c233039a2ac-d1f9284d-be0d-4da8-999b-ddca4e02bae2.fnl to I:\Alen\devel\Windows Sidebar Gadgets\blah.txt! Error = 6801
at Microsoft.Live.Moe.Synchronization.Platform.FileSystemRealizer.TxFFileSystemRealizer.CreateFile(String path, String downloadedPath)

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