Sunday, January 11, 2009

Unit Test Patterns for .Net

Unit Test Patterns for .NET development - Part I

Here is a series of excellent articles on Unit Testing patterns.


Unknown said...

Hey Alen,

Thanks to linking to us, I appreciate it. Are you doing unit tests yourself?

Gil Zilberfeld

Unknown said...

Hi Gil!

Yes, I am performing something between unit and developer testing when I develop. Right now I am trying to find a set of standards that we could adopt at the company I'm working for at the moment. We have a few developers who are new to the concept and trying to get them introduced and hooked up. :)
Best regards and thanks for a great article. I find it summarizes the unit testing experiences so far and presents them in a clear and concise manner as a list of patterns.

Unknown said...

I would be interested in your experience on how to implement unit-testing for new people.

May I ask - How did you get to the article?