Monday, March 23, 2009

"New" Context Menu in Vista

New Menu - Context and File - Vista Forums
I lost "Text Document" from the list of available file types for creating through right-click, then New, context menu in Windows Server 2008. At the link above is the description on how to work with this context menu. Here is the summary:

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\(File Extension) contains the registry keys for all the file extensions (and more, for example the extension for a contact is .contact).
To display an item in the New context menu the extension key (for example ".txt") should have a sub-key named ShellNew. To hide a value from the context menu it is enough to rename ShellNew into something else (ShellNew*, for example).
To have a blank item, ShellNew key should contain a string value named NullFile.
To add an item with content or data, add a string value named Data and add the desired content to it.
To add an item that copies another file, add a string value named FileName and put the full file path into the value.

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