Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HTML Help Workshop Error

After a while, today I used HTML Help Workshop to author a documentation in the form of a .CHM help file. I love the features HTML provides and find it easy and convenient way of creating notes, adding user interface images, bookmarks, external links, etc. HTML Help Workshop creates a Table of Contents based on the content of the HTML files included in the Help File project.
After I enabled the option to auto-generate ToC, I got the following error:

HHC6000: Error: An internal file could not be created. Make certain there is enough disk space on the drive where you are compiling your file.
HHC5007: Error: Fatal navigational compilation error. This is likely the result of an invalid contents (.hhc) file."

The reason for this is that I had no header tags within my HTML documents. So, the way to solve this issue, just add header tags (<h1>, <h2>, and so on) to organize the content. Help Workshop will do the rest during compilation and you will have a nice ToC created automatically. Just don't create your Table of Contents file and/or edit it.

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