Monday, March 30, 2009

Logon Keyboard Layout in Vista

I'm using US Dvorak keyboard layout on all the computers. But my laptop was installed with US English default keyboard and now that is the default layout when Vista boots and displays the Welcome/logon screen. So I have to type the initial password in US English layout. After that, for example after lock-out, I type the password in US Dvorak layout. Since this behavior is becoming annoying here are tips on how to change the keyboard layout on boot screen in Vista.

The instructions below assume you have already updated your preferences for your windows account (language and keyboard).

  1. Open Regional and Language Options in Control Panel.
  2. Go to Administrative tab.
  3. If you have some other language used and want to change that, too, then under "Language for non-Unicode programs" select the desired locale.
  4. Under "Reserved accounts", click the "Copy to reserved accounts"
  5. Check "System accounts....." and click OK. Notice the sentence "The keyboard layout and display language for the Welcome screen are updated when you select system accounts."

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