Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Show Thumbnails as Icons in Windows Vista and Server 2008

I've been searching for a while how to restore the thumbnails of graphic files to be used as their preview in Windows Explorer. After installing IrfanView it replaced my graphic files icons with its icon of a red bear (or something). That was a bit annoying since I got very used to previewing the graphic files inside Windows Explorer when working on something that involves those images.
All kinds of things that worked with Windows XP are of no help here when using Vista or Windows Server 2008. But... I've finally found the answer.
To use thumbnails of graphic (image) files instead of their associated icons, go to Tools -> Folder Options in Windows Explorer. Go to tab View. The first option under Files and Folders is "Always use icons, never thumbnails". Uncheck this and, voila, the thing is solved.

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Thanks fot your help.