Saturday, June 06, 2009

What Files Make Up a Virtual Machine?

Here is the list of the file extensions that may show up in your VMWare virtual machine directory. I am cleaning up the folder after migrating the virtual machine from VMWare to Virtual Box, still using the same disk image, and there are a few files I do not need anymore, even if I go back and run the same disk with a VMWare. Vmdk, nvram, vmem, vmxf, vmx... Which are safe to remove and which are not? Read in more details at the link below.

What Files Make Up a Virtual Machine?

I removed everything else except the virtual disk file (.vmdk) and virtual machine file (.vmx). There were no snapshots and the machine was shutdown properly so no virtual memory file either. In that case it was safe to delete everything besides the two main files. Since I’m already using the disk file with Virtual Box, I could have deleted the VMWare virtual machine file (.vmx) but I decided to keep it just in case.

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