Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Chrome Wood Theme

I finally found the wooden theme for Google Chrome. Well, the reason I did not have it before was not so much that it wasn’t there (among the themes) but because I had not seen it earlier. Here is what it looks like. Now I pretty much have the functionality I got used to in Firefox over the years. The theme is available here.

Update 2012-04-15: The theme is called Desktop and here is the direct link to the store.

Update 2014-11-12: The theme can not be found in the store anymore. However, it is still available for download through this direct link to file.


Anonymous said...

love this theme. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey I clicked the word here and it took me but after sometime it disappeared and there was no wooden theme only others.I'm going to close google chrome,do a ccleaner and open and see if it works.