Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Add Currency Pair to TouchFlo 3D Stocks Tab

Touch Flo 3D has the Stocks tab that displays the stock quotes from Yahoo Finance and that’s fair enough. Now, some of us might need to also see the currency exchange rate. The solution is simple and obvious, just maybe not that straightforward.

There is a great tip at PocketNow Tips and Tricks page that explains how to add a currency exchange pair to the Stocks tab. Simply use the currency pair instead of the stock/index quote in the following format: for EUR/AUD exchange rate I used “EURAUD=X”. The same goes for other formats, if supported by Yahoo Finance.

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Tomas Konkol said...

Hi I got problem on my malina 2.5 on stock tab doesnt add currency in format (eurusd=x, usdcny=x) after update rom. Before update does, now not. Its other way to add currency on manila tab?
Thanks Tomas