Wednesday, March 03, 2010 in Firefox

I just sorted an annoyance where any unsuccessful access to a web site in Firefox would result in being redirected to There I'd be presented with a bunch of links and other stuff I don't really want to see. Doing web development this is really annoying since I want to stay at the requested URL location, whether the server responds properly or not.
As it turns out, this annoyance comes with PDFForge. It installs PDFForge Toolbar. The solution to the above situation was to uninstall the Pdfforge Toolbar from Windows.
Also make sure you remove the Firefox addon.

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Anonymous said...

if you’re using firefox and the solution presented above doesn’t seem to solve your problem then maybe, you’re using YouTube downloader…
here’s my workaround..
- press CTRL+ALT+DEL to launch task manager
- Goto to PROCESS tab then look for SearchSettings.exe from the list
- Right click the application then select ‘Open File Location’
- Go back to the task bar, click on SearchSettings.exe then click on End Process.
- Go back to the Folder where the file SearchSettings.exe was found then delete the file.