Saturday, May 01, 2010

NaviComputer FAQ

NaviComputer FAQ
I've been playing with different GPS applications over the past period. Can't seem to find one that would have all the cool features. The great features are scattered around different apps. Some of those features are:
- ability to use multiple sources (OpenStreetMap, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, maps, satellite images...);
- tracking options - ability to save location and/or path;
- correct GPS location;
- search;
- navigation.

So far, NaviComputer seems to have most of the features above. There is no search but it can store paths and points. It is also configurable to use different providers but not all providers can be added because of the coordinates number format.
I'm still experimenting but this application seems to be the best so far. I've also looked at Mobile GMaps (has multiple providers), OpenStreetMap (caches maps), Google Maps (has search and navigation), iGo (has almost all of the above), Global Navigator (caches maps but to update a tile the whole cache has to be erased).

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