Sunday, August 08, 2010

Microsoft WebCam VX 1000 in Linux

I was a bit upset when I purchased Microsoft's web camera, knowing that I am going to use it on a Linux system. Those two brand names simply don't go well together. :)
However, as listed in this thread (Microsoft WebCam VX 1000) the camera works well under Linux as there are drivers available.
There are glitches, in Linux with some software, that are not apparent and intuitive. Like Vodafone's modem, where the USB memory on it needs be disabled by running "eject sr1" and then re-inserting the device, after which the system recognizes it as a modem and everything works perfectly.
With this camera, the trick is to run


So, to run Skype with usb camera support for Microsoft LifeCam VX-1000, simply run the above command, replacing with "skype" (without quotes). The camera works great!

And an additional note... Since Skype is 32-bit application, if you happen to run 64-bit system, make sure you install "libv4l-32bit" package first.

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