Sunday, August 07, 2011

Caching Windows Updates

Since Microsoft never bothered to solve issues for small and home users who wanted to cache Windows updates, here is a very practical solution:

With AutoPatcher, you simply select which OS or a related technology (there is .NET, Adobe Reader, etc.) you want and it will download the files to your local drive, making them available offline. These can, then, be installed on multiple machines, avoiding redundant download in case the Internet connectivity is an issue.


Anonymous said...

hey alen,
another variant which i use would be the freeware tool WuInstall (
with that you can cache updates from windows update or even from a wsus server to a local shared directory. all machine wthin the local network would then first look into that cache folder and only if the update doesnt exists there, it would be downloaded and published for the other machines. further more you can control the reboot behavior and search/filter the updates. might be another solution for that topic :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link. This is very similar to what I was looking for. Something that downloads the updates that the current machine needs, not just all updates for a specific OS.
While that side is great, unfortunately the free version is next to useless without the "/download_to" option that would download the updates for later use.
But good to know that there are options out there that can be used in an enterprise environment.