Thursday, February 23, 2012

A PC in your Pocket

"In every dual-core phone, there is a PC trying to get out" is the motto of Canonical, makers of Ubuntu (Linux) operating system. And they are quite right. Dual-core phones already, and soon quad-core phones, deliver power of recent desktop machines to the palm of your hand and are available to be carried in your pocket. These things were only a fortune-teller stories a few years ago but are accepted completely normally these days. And, while they are having mobile-phone-type of operating system on them, they still resemble ordinaly mobile phones. But with Ubuntu, a full desktop operating system, the perception changes significantly. All the software you knew and loved can now be on that little (or not so little) device that you carry with you every day.

Most of the software I use is Open Source and Linux version have existed for a long time so I think a time to migrate to a pocket-PC (how prophetic a name it was) is not too far. Probably by the time I replace my current phone it will be completely standard type of thing. Add Wi-Fi direct (link, this is not ad-hoc wi-fi), for which there is support in Android 4, and the pocket machine is versatile enough and able to communicate easily with devices around it.

Desktop OS


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