Thursday, May 03, 2012

Gnome Shell Extensions

Here are useful additions to Gnome Shell, like Alternative Status Menu enabling Hibernate option in Shell Status Menu, showing icons in window preview, adding the Applications menu to the status bar, showing system monitor in the panel, etc.

The really convenient thing is how you can see installed extensions on the web site, enable or disable installed extensions, or add new ones simply by clicking the On/Off switch on the web page.

The ones I like are:
  • Hide Top Bar (link) - the new favourite for Gnome 3.6. Auto-hide top panel.
  • Alternative status menu (link)
  • Advanced settings in user menu (link)
  • Panel settings (link)
  • Window Overlay Icons (link)
  • Net Speed (link)
  • system-monitor (link)
  • Remove Accessibility (link)
  • Remove username (link) - get some space in the panel.
  • Caffeine (link) prevents the shell from going to sleep. Useful when watching movies, for example.
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