Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Installing Skype on 64-bit Linux (Fedora 17)

Since Skype is a 32-bit application, it requires 32-bit libraries to be installed on the system in order to run.
First I installed Autoplus and followed the instructions here.

That did not fully work so I went and installed the dependencies one by one, as per Skype Dependencies.

It turned out that some of these dependencies simply needed an update to be downloaded and installed first. After that a 32-bit version installed without problems and then everything worked.

The one-line command that installs all the required dependencies is:

yum install alsa-lib.i686 libXv.i686 libXScrnSaver.i686 qt.i686 qt-x11.i686


Anonymous said...

Hola. Descargar el paquete de Skype para X86-64 Bits que esta en la red y luego instalar las libv4l i686 desde yummex y la imagen del video vuelve a ser la correcta. Un saludo

Anonymous said...

If you're using pulseaudio (which I thought had been the default for ages, not sure how you got it working), you also need pulseaudio-libs.i686, otherwise Skype will launch but be unable to play sound.

Anonymous said...

And if you want to choose a particular GTK theme (by using export GTK2_RC_FILES="/etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc:$HOME/.gtkrc-2.0"), you'll need to install the i686 versions of the theme engines, e.g. gtk2-engines.i686 and gtk-murrine-engine.i686.

Anonymous said...

That install does not work if you updated from the Fedora 17 beta to a prerelease packages. Then that install command generates:

Error: Protected multilib versions: 1:openssl-1.0.0i-1.fc17.i686 != 1:openssl-1.0.0j-1.fc17.x86_64
Error: Protected multilib versions: libpciaccess-0.13-2.fc17.i686 != libpciaccess-0.13.1-1.fc17.x86_64
Error: Protected multilib versions: libxcb-1.8-2.fc17.i686 != libxcb-1.8.1-1.fc17.x86_64
Error: Protected multilib versions: libdrm-2.4.33-1.fc17.i686 != libdrm-2.4.33-3.fc17.x86_64
Error: Protected multilib versions: fontconfig-2.8.0-6.fc17.i686 != fontconfig-2.8.0-7.fc17.x86_64
Error: Protected multilib versions: krb5-libs-1.10-5.fc17.i686 != krb5-libs-1.10-6.fc17.x86_64

Unknown said...

This last message simply means that your 32-bit libraries are newer than the available 64-bit ones.

For example: "libpciaccess-0.13-2.fc17.i686 != libpciaccess-0.13.1-1.fc17.x86_64"

You just need to synchronize the versions. Either by enabling display of all available versions of packages, not only the latest ones, or removing the installed packages and installing the version below or something like that.

Emiliano said...

Hi everybody. It was a pain making Skype work on Fedora 17 64-bit edition. Alen's solution worked fine for me. I installed the dependencies he lists. I did not need to install any pulseaudio 32 bit libraries. In Skype settings, I just set my sound settings to system default (all of them). Calls work and sounds as well. Thank you Alen, this post has been really helpful.

Anonymous said...

it doesn't really work. Problems seem to be the qt.i686 and qt-X11.i686 ...

Error: Protected multilib versions: libuuid-2.21.1-1.fc17.i686 != libuuid-2.21.2-1.fc17.x86_64
Fehler: Protected multilib versions: fontconfig-2.8.0-6.fc17.i686 != fontconfig-2.8.0-7.fc17.x86_64
Error: Protected multilib versions: glib2-2.32.1-1.fc17.i686 != glib2-2.32.3-1.fc17.x86_64

Any idea?

Unknown said...

32-bit libraries (i686) available are not the same version as 64-bit ones (x86_64). You can either downgrade your 64-bit libs or find a newer version of 32-bit ones.
The version of the libraries always have to be the same for 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

bla bla bla said...

Hi, I found your post very useful, though I needed some additional stuff to get the sound properly. Now everything is working but the amount of background noise (I guess from the computer) is just too much. Do you know about any program, plug-ins, etc to help with this issue?

bla bla bla said...

Your post was very useful, though I needed some extra stuff to get the sound working. Now skype is working in my fedora 17 distribution but with loads of noise from the computer. Do you know any plug-in, program, etc to reduce the noise level?

Unknown said...

@bla bla bla: Try to disable Skype from automatically adjusting the sound properties. Untick the option in Skype preferences.
I'm just using the default settings and everything sounds perfect.
The only issue I have is having to manually switch to headphones but even that is now fairly simple through sound settings in Gnome.

Anonymous said...

worked magically. thx

RxS_Med said...

Worked perfectly here. My fedora installation is a fresh one.

Anonymous said...

I've not tried sound or video yet, but I can confirm that the information at least allows you to boot in to Skype on Fedora 17_64.

Anonymous said...

I installed the following dependencies for skype to discover it also supports google earth!!! cool beans baby!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post and the hint. Here is what I did to make it work:
- download the Skype Fedora RPM
- yum localinstall skype-*.rpm
- (sound did not yet work)
- yum install pulseaudio-libs.i686
- now Skype works (with pulseaudio selected in skype audio preferences)

Dennis Granau said...

Hey, thank you very much for the post! I got Skype working on Fedora 17.