Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Themes in Gnome

So I have decided it is about time to get rid of the large title bar on top of the windows in Gnome 3.4 (Fedora 17 #linux) and looked into customization options. The components I found can be customized are:
  • window look
  • icons
  • cursors

Where to find? site contains lots of theme packages for any of the above components. Apart from these, there's lots of other Linux/Gnome components that can be customized, like Nautilus, GDM, and so on.

How to install?

Installation is quite simple. Once a theme is downloaded in .tar.gz format, unpack the directory from the archive into an appropriate location.
  • Window themes are to be found in /usr/share/themes.
  • Icons and mouse cursors are in /usr/share/icons.
The above locations are used as a shared location for all users. If you want to install a theme only for yourself then place the themes in an appropriate directory within your home location. Icons themes, for example, are found in ~/.icons/ and window/GTK themes are in ~/.themes/.
Once installed, these will be available through Gnome Tweak Tool or, in Cinnamon, through Theme settings.

My Favorites

My current favorites are listed below:
  • Window: Adwaita Cupertino (link)
  • Icons: Faience (link)
  • Cursors: Aero Mouse Cursors with Drop Shadow (link)

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