Friday, May 25, 2012

Useful Shortcuts in Nautilus

I'm getting used to Nautilus as a default file manager in Gnome. While at first it seemed inferior to Dolphin from KDE, after discovering plugins and shortcuts to different features, I find it quite convenient and capable. It has all the features I'm used to with Dolphin (or Windows Explorer for that matter).

Some of these features would be WebDAV support (mentioned earlier), integration with desktop search, being supported by Beyond Compare, terminal integration, and so on.

Here I will list some of the useful plugin packages and shortcuts when using Nautilus.


  • File Roller
  • Gnome Exe Thumbnailer
  • Nautilus Actions
  • Nautilus Dropbox
  • Nautilus Extensions
  • Nautilus Open Terminal
  • Nautilus SendTo
  • Nautilus Terminal
  • Seahorse Nautilus
  • Sushi
  • TortoiseHg Nautilus
  • Tracker Nautilus Plugin

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • F3 = Extra pane
  • F4 = Terminal window (Nautilus Terminal)
  • F6 = Switch panels
  • F9 = toggle sidebar
  • Ctrl+1..3 = view (Icons, Compact, List)
  • Ctrl+T = New tab
  • Ctrl+PgUp (or PgDn) = browse tabs
  • Alt+1..n = browse tabs by number
  • Ctrl+F = search

At first I was not sure what the extra pane was used for. I prefered using tabs. Panel, however, is a completely new panel view that can have its own tabs. This allows a setup pretty similar to Total Commander (and the likes). Nautilus supports Copy and Move to the Other Panel commands, which is very convenient. This is one of the things I *loved* in Total Commander and was missing in Windows Explorer.

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