Monday, May 07, 2012

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Preparation

Installing Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 is proving to be a nuissance. Especially when considering that there are no major updates contained in case you've been installing the updates regularly.
Google Chrome in Windows is having an issue where it can not open sites via SSL (https). This has been quickly patched in stable versions because of publicity. However, the issue still exists in development channel. One way to get rid of it is to install Service Pack 1 for Windows 7.
While I had the offline installation of SP1, I was getting the dreadful error 0x8007000d (link) and had to install a whole bunch of other things first. Here's the list. (from Steps to follow before installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1, link)
  • Windows Update Readiness Tool (300+ MB)
  • KB2533552
  • KB2454826
  • KB2534366
These need to be downloaded and installed manually if you are using an offline installer for the SP 1. As noted in the instructions - "... these updates are not automatically installed when you install the service pack from the Microsoft Download Center").
Apart from these, I also did not have the option to install SP1 from Windows Update (described here - link). Running the readiness tool did not change anything.
In the end, I had to run the online installer, which did the magic behind the scenes and installed about 80 MB of updates.

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