Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enabling SSH Server on Fedora 17

In order to connect to your Fedora 17 Linux box via SSH protocol the following steps are required.

SSHD package is installed by default. You need to start the daemon/service. With elevated privileges do the following:
To enable the service

$ systemctl enable sshd.service

Start service

$ systemctl start sshd.service

Now you can test sshd service by logging in from the local terminal (not remote one, yet) -> ssh localhost, or ssh .

After this is done, allow access to sshd through firewall.

$ system-config-firewall

Make sure port 22 is allowed for access. This was done by default in my case. Then, I had to add a new interface in the Trusted Interfaces. The mask I added was "em+" for all em devices. Then enable this interface.

After this, I could connect to port 22 from a remote Windows box.

SSHD service (link)
Firewall Tip (link)

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