Thursday, August 23, 2012

RDP for Linux

XRDP (link) is an Open Source RDP server for Linux. The installation on Fedora 17 is pretty straightforward:
  • yum install xrdp
To run it manually, use
  • xrdp
  • xrdp-sesman
However, it is probably a better idea to add it as a service so that it runs on boot:
systemctl enable xrdp.service
You can confirm that the service has been created by running 'Services' from the Applications menu.

Set the RDP client to use 24-bit color and it will happily connect from Windows to your Linux server!

To set a custom resolution after you connect, go to System Settings -> Display and set any desktop resolution you like.

I also tend to use Dvorak keyboard layout. Simply changing the keyboard layout to English(Dvorak) won't work unless it is also set with "setxkbmap dvorak".

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