Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Remove Git Explorer Extensions (Cheetah)

Installing different Git versions over time resulted in multiple "Git Init here" and related entries in Windows Explorer context menu. Removing Git Explorer Extensions - git cheetah - is relatively simple. Go to git-cheetah installation directory and unregister the dll:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\git-cheetah>regsvr32 -s -u git_shell_ext64.dll

You don't have to delete the dll. As soon as it is unregistered the entries will be gone from Windows Explorer.


Unknown said...

when i try this i get "git_shell_ext64.dll" is not an executable file and no registration helper is registered for this file type.

Unknown said...

Hi John,

Are you running the 64-bit version of Git (and cheetah)? Do you have "git_shell_ext64.dll" inside git-cheetah subdirectory of the git installation directory?
I guess in 32-bit version there would be only git_shell_ext.dll.
In case that's not the problem then the file might be corrupt. You can try deleting it. If Windows Explorer refuses to do that, you can try with Unlocker. That should do the trick in any case.
Let me know what happens.

Anonymous said...

You have to put the command in one line.

Unknown said...

Yes, the whole command is in one line. It is just broken when displayed here on the blog. Some styling issue.