Sunday, December 09, 2012

Mediaserver process on Android

Playing music on Samsung Galaxy S with Android seems to result in a pain of quickly-draining battery power. It is being consumed by process 'mediaserver', Media Storage, which scans the SD card with media (pictures, audio, video) and indexes it to a database.
There are lots of complaints out there and no straightforward way to solve the problem. I am trying the following:

  • Disable Media Server: Go to Settings -> Application Manager -> All, find Media Server and Disable (source: link)
  • Use PowerAmp for playing music and QuickPic for viewing images. These apps have their own media databases and don't suffer from the battery drain issue. (source: link)

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Mojo said...

I had this problem shortly after updating to Android 4.1.1 on my HTC One X. It didn't seem to make sense but what seems to have corrected the problem is draining my battery to zero, charging it up fully before switching it on again. It seems the power drain from the mediaserver is simply a battery calibration issue. I had my phone on for almost 48hrs after that and it had only gone down to 40% when I checked.