Saturday, November 16, 2013

Firefox - the best browser of 2013

Firefox is back to being the best browser, according to Tom's Hardware. While performance is a cool thing to talk about, reliability is much more important for serious work. This is the area where Firefox really shines in the latest releases, when compared to the competition.


During the 40-tab reload, the team assessed the reliability of each browser to ensure all pages had fully rendered. The results were surprising:

  1. Firefox loaded all pages correctly
  2. Opera 12 required four tabs to be refreshed
  3. IE10 required eight (and the browser crashed first time)
  4. Opera 15 required nine refreshes
  5. Chrome required twelve — 30% of pages were incomplete or incorrectly loaded


The Firefox gets the top place by having overall good results, not just shining in minority of areas.

Source: The 2013 Award for the Best Browser Goes to… - SitePoint

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