Saturday, October 17, 2015

Sonic Pi - learn to code

Beautiful presentation on creativity, technology, and programming. I haven't seen something this good and important in a while. Explains the role of technology today. Please watch, share, and apply!
This also explains why I love my profession so much that I spend a lot of my spare time doing the same thing.

Learning to code is such an important feat in the 21st century. A whole new world opens up once you learn to create something. The beauty of Open Source, and the licensing models that sprung in the recent years, is that there are so many projects out there that you can use, borrow ideas from, or contribute to, or link together and create something new. Platforms like GitHub, which stores source code for free, enabled an explosion of exchange of ideas, concepts, and solutions available as source code. Knowing how to read and write this code is becoming increasingly important.

The implementation is the most exciting part. Even if you are not a professional programmer, you can still write the code that does something useful for yourself. There are hardware platforms like Raspberry Pi, or Android and other PCs on USB sticks, or simply common phones and tablets. Many of these are increasingly available for under $100 and are more capable than a machine that landed humans on the Moon.
You can also contribute to existing projects and add to ideas and solutions already implemented. A wide field of options opens up once you start.

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