Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Clipboard hotkeys with Dvorak keyboard

As a long-time user of Dvorak keyboard, I was always struggling to use the benefits of the keyboard shortcuts, or hotkeys, for common operations of cut/copy/paste and undo operations on Windows.

A very simple solution is to use AutoHotkey application (link), along with a simple script that redirects

the keys so that Ctrl+C, for example, is still at the same place where it is on a QWERTY keyboard.

Below is an example of a script that does this:

If using the keys that are overwritten this way, you can also remap those to their Qwerty locations, too. The contents of the script are to be saved in a simple text file with .ahk extension and run by the AutoHotkey application. The good thing is that there is a portable version so no installation is required.

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